Yanur Islam Piash

Hello... I am Yanur Islam Piash

Chemical Engineer. Entrepreneur. WordPress Consultant.

About Me

3 years of experience in eLearning and instructional design. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bohubrihi – an edTech company that offers professional employee training (B2B) and online courses (B2C) to students and professionals. Studies Chemical Engineering at BUET.

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Top Skills

I am lucky enough to be in an environment where I was able to develop as a person gradually.

Web Design90%
Graphic Design70%

What I Do


In 2016 I co-founded Bohubrihi- an e-learning marketplace for instructors and learners. This is something I can't take out of my head for even a minute.

Clubs & Chapters

I have spent most of my campus time working in few clubs and chapters. I had the privilege of leading a lot of talented executives and be a part of some amazing events.

Web Design

I am comfortable with creating almost any kind of professional websites with WordPress. I am spending time to learn Joomla, Prestashop and few more advanced frameworks.

Online Instructing

I regularly create online courses for Bohubrihi. I made videos where I teach about Web design, WordPress and few related topics.

Affiliate Marketing

Just found my interest in AM few months ago. I am diving deep into the techniques and insights of affiliate marketing and trying to establish myself as a marketer.

Engineering Studies

I am studying Chemical Engineering in Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).


Co-Founder & CEO



BUET Entrepreneruship Development Club


a2i- Access to Information

Vice President

Net Impact BUET Chapter

General Secretary

AIChE BUET Chapter
(American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

Human Resource Officer

Hult Prize at BUET 2017




Events I organized

Pioneros 2.0

Over 2000 undergrad students from universities all around Bangladesh participated in the biggest Business Case Competition of BUET.

Hult Prize at BUET 2017

The 2017 Hult Prize "President's Challenge" was "Refugees - Reawakening Human Potential”. A simple social enterprise of yours would provide the refugees a life to...

Triumph: Brand It. Win It.

BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club presented ‘Triumph: Brand it, win it’ in collaboration with Amar Source....

Net Impact : It’s all about pitching off

To help the participants from BUET, Net Impact BUET organized this Workshop on Idea generation and Pitch off...

Present like a Pro: Secrets of Presentation

The 2017 Hult Prize "President's Challenge" was "Refugees - Reawakening Human Potential”...

Pioneros 2016

Pioneros was an Industry-based case solving competition for BUET students, the first of its kind, that will provide them a first hand experience in ...

Why, How, Who and What of Social Entrepreneurship

An exclusive event on social entrepreneurship held for BUET students who want to be an entrepreneur...

GP Accelerator Info Session at BUET

It was a 4-month boot-camp that gave the startup seed funding, expert mentors, top-notch curricula, in-house...

Coffee with an Alumnus

1st week’s guest in coffee with alumnus was our very own Priyom Mozumdar. He is the founder of Pavilion and PeddleCloud.

EDC Freshers’ Reception

Guests: 1. Dr. Satya Prasad Mazumder Director, DSW, BUET 2. Dr. Md. Raquibul Hossain Moderator, BUET EDC...

Introduction to Falling Walls Lab Bangladesh

The first activation programme was launched in BUET on May 9, 2016 hosted by BUET...

[email protected]: Win the Campus

"[email protected]" is designed to help you realize your optimal state of wellness. True wellness is more than just physical health—it’s the...

Hult Prize at BUET 2016

The Grand Finale of the Hult Prize Quarter-Finals was organized by BUET HULT Prize Committee and co-sponsored by AB Bank and...

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Sleepless Nights
Cups of Tea
Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

Having Yanur in my team was a happy experience for me. He is one of few people I found dependable while executing projects. In my campus years, I found many people who either offered me physical labor or intellectual labor, but hardly found anyone who offered me both the types of labor. He is a deserving fellow any entrepreneur desires to work with and any investor search for investing in. Growth Mindset, Creativity, Thoughtfulness, Integrity & Passion separated him from many other fellows I worked with in my eight-month long tenure at BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club. I miss those days.

Nazmus Sadat
Co-Founder & Strategist, DearBUBU

  • I worked with Piash at BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club and co-organized a number of startup grooming programs, mentorship sessions and business competitions. An entrepreneur himself, Piash is an astute organizer armed to the bones with skills, a very hard-working spirit and a surprisingly humble soul. One thing I can vouch for this guy is: he won’t give up, even when the sky is falling.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Abyad Raied

    Chief Technology Officer, 10 Minute School
  • One of the most sincere, talented, enthusiastic people I have worked with. He has excellent analyzing abilities which often help others get the benefits and best output. He is very creative guy. I would always want to have someone versatile like him in my team.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Galib Hassan Khan

    Co Founder & CFO, Bohubrihi
  • One of the most dynamic persons with a thirst for learning new things. In course of time he has become an extra ordinary leader. He knows how to handle stress and minimize workload with proper distribution. He also possess a driving spirit for his start up Bohubrihi. Confident, yet humble. A perfect combo for an entrepreneur.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Zannatul Ferdous Shejuti

    Campus Director, Hult Prize at BUET 2017
  • Through my journey in BUET EDC I found a very few mates who amazed me a lot. Yanur is one of them I can remember very well. He is really passionate about learning, good team player, hard worker, critical thinker and well focused to his vision. What I can say, Bangladesh is going to have a significant figure in near future. I wish him best luck.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Imran Noor

    Research Assistant, BUET
  • Md. Yanur Islam Piash is an energetic and hardworking executive member of BUET Entrepreneurship Development club and also a dedicated volunteer for TEDxBUET. His dedication,passion and hardwork has result into many succesful event.He is a brilliant person and also doing well with engineering studies.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Nusrat Nasrin

    Licensee, TEDxBUET
  • Yanur was a very energetic, dedicated team mate. I have found him always ready to put any necessary effort to execute the plan. He is also very productive in brain storming and likes to take calculative risks within the range.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Md Neyamot Ali Khan

    Executive, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Md Yanur Islam Piash is very passionate and hard-working. He is reliable to carry out responsibilities in time.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Ekramul Haque Tomal

    BSc, BUET
  • Yanur Islam Piash is an emerging visionary with a keen eye to the smallest details. I have worked under him through different projects in BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club and in any situation, his tactfulness & calm head quickly identified and progressed through each step for a remedy. Furthermore, his guidance, analyzing skill & constructive criticism is something that straightened me in any obstacle i faced.

    Hi ! I am Yanur Islam Piash..

    Mustafa Fardin

    BSc, BUET

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Young Entrepreneur Award 2017

Winner of the 2nd Position. Awarded for our effort at Bohubrihi. Arranged by BUET Victoria Australia Alumni Association.

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